This controversial movie chronicles the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.  I have no reason to believe that it isn’t true, although some suggest that the CIA fed filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow misinformation that torture - most notably waterboarding - was used effectively to track bin Laden down.

Not for me to say.  Perhaps Senate hearings will shed some light.

The movie succeeds in suspense and action and is, I believe, an accurate portrayal of events as they actually unfolded.  The story is well-told, well-shot, well-acted and well-directed by Ms. Bigelow.  Certainly it portrays facts as I read them in the newspapers at the time.  I do believe that waterboarding took place and perhaps that such techniques forced some prisoners to give information.  I also believe that it is not necessary to torture in order to gain intelligence, and in any case is unconscionable for we Americans to practice.

If the subject interests you, you will not be disappointed.  Very likely to be nominated for Oscars in several categories.  Violence, naturally, but no gratuitous or unnecessary gore.  This is a serious film.  The effects support and further the story.

I recommend it.