The Winslow Boy

Roundabout Theatre Co. 

October 12, 2013

This English play first played on Broadway in 1947.

It is the true story of a young British teen who is accused of stealing.  He denies it and persuades his father, who persuades a well-known attorney, that he is innocent.  It is well acted and directed, but my question is:  Why remake a pretty good play?  Are there no pretty good plays being written today which deserve notice?

Well, Todd Haimes, The Roundabout Theatre Company’s artistic director, explains that he has personally wanted to produce this play for many years and when he saw the British production at the Old Vic Theatre in London he says he found the perfect production.

The personal preference of a theatre company’s artistic director carries a lot of weight.  Question answered.  A well done, well written play for sure.  Brings out human emotions we all know so well.  We feel with the characters.  We note that the passion for justice is more felt by the boy’s father than by the boy himself who just wants to go on with his life and pays little attention to the details.

An interesting sub plot involves Cate, sister to the boy, played by Charlotte Parry.  She is being courted and at one point, Cate says of herself that she does not have much good looks.  Well, then, they should have gotten a different actress. 

We also see the father’s obsession with fairness, and his reaction when the verdict is announced.  We share in all these characters feelings and take a good theatrical journey with them.

So again I ask:  Are there no pretty good plays being written today?