The Sicilian Tenors

These three tenors, Aaron Caruso, Elio Scaccio and Sam Vitale all have their roots in Sicily.  They make a couple of Mafia jokes, but are more funny than scary.  They perform their songs quite well and intermingle patter and jokes in quite a refreshing mix.  As one of them said in the lobby afterwards, “You gotta have shtick.”  Something like that.

They sang classics:  Nissan Dorma from Turandot, Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht’s Mack the Knife as sung by Bobby Darin;  they gave the audience background on some of the selections.  Am I the only one who didn’t know that Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” was set to the tune of O Sole Mio?

This was one in a series of one time only performances produced at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford.  We go to all their mainstage productions and many of their one-nighters as well.   The venue is great.  For substantially less than the price of a Broadway admission you get the show and dinner.  Tickets are typically $75, about half of which is considered dinner.

Upcoming the Pat Cooper farewell tour.  If you enjoy the unique work of Pat Cooper, catch him before he retires.  Chat him up sometimes and you will see that he is always on.  I ran into him at a funeral and he was doing material even there.

Plenty of parking, easy to get to, so it is a hassle free evening’s entertainment.  The shows are generally quite good and many who perform here have also played on Broadway.

Go to their website <broadway> to see their upcoming schedule;  I recommend that you put yourself on their email list to stay informed.  Great venue, decent food and service, and a good variety of entertainment, always professionally done.