The Good Shepherd

If you love ponderous, agonizingly long (2 hours, 47 minutes) dramas then this film is for you.  If you are a history buff who can follow twists and turns of time and place, ditto.

If you, like me, enjoy lively,  understandable flics which ENTERTAIN rather than stuff education into your eyeballs and ears, then save your money.  As a radio reviewer I get complimentary tickets to the movies so it didn't cost me the price of admission and even that was too much.

Not a single acting performance worth watching, the roles are walk-through and monotone.  I enjoy Alec Baldwin and DeNiro when they are actually ACTing, but this is not acting.  Angelina Jolie has one of the few expressions of passion in this film, and I presume her manager wouldn't have let her do it without at least that.  Most of her lines are equally monotonous in substance and tone.

I have to give it two and a half stars because it might have some appeal to the aforementioned buffs who might actually like sitting still for close to three hours with acid being poured into their eyeballs;  but if I were without humility, rating only my enjoyment, I would give it none.

DeNiro will wear this one around his neck for a long, long time.