The Bourne Ultimatum

Having gotten nothing from the Bourne Identity or the Bourne Supremacy, I didn’t really expect much from this film.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Unlike the others, Ultimatum tells a coherent story which you can follow.  The action is pretty much nonstop and if you like chases, be they car, foot or motor scooter, you won’t want to miss this film for that element alone!

Matt Damon as star Jason Bourne does an OK job, but it is the writing and directing that makes this film.  The directing and photography in parts is too choppy and makes you wonder what you are seeing, but if you are attentive—and you had better be or you will not get this movie—you will understand enough to arrive at the climax along with Director Paul Greengrass.

Oliver Wood’s cinematography at times is wonderfully scenic, providing panoramic views of the multitude of locations in which the film was shot.  They are in Moscow, India, France, the UK, Tangier, Morocco;  Madrid, Spain;  somewhere in Germany and New York City.  The scenes are short, but even a little tequila is better than no tequila at all.

Sequels usually fall short of the originals.  Not so in this series.  The Bourne Ultimatum, based on the novel by Robert Ludlum, surpasses the previous two by far.   But be alert.  It moves so quickly that you may get left on the sidelines if your mind wanders.  No matter, though.  This is a train you can get on between stations and still enjoy the ride.

OK, I’ll give you a little of the story, although I dislike reviews which give away too much.  Jason Bourne is after a secret which will be revealed at the end, but not by this reporter.  His superspy character is so intent on discovering this secret that he eschews romance entirely—sorry, folks—even though there is a wonderful opportunity with comely actress Julia Stiles.  Not to be.  Many men would say the heck with the secret, let’s hang with Julia, but not here;  not even a kiss.  Still, worth the ride.

I recommend this movie;  worth the price and the 111 minutes of your time.