The American

(delivered on-air September 23, 2010)

First off, I love George Clooney.  No mistakes, no biting my tongue.  I think he is talented with great range. He can play comedy, drama and action.  If I were a woman I would probably find him handsome and sexy.  But this movie bites.  It is pointless drivel, wasting what little effort Clooney has to expend in playing his role.  The girls aren’t beautiful, the plot is inane, the direction is weak.  Sometimes I see a film which I want to give no stars and this is one of them.  But I like George Clooney, which is why I went to see this dog in the first place, so one star for him.  And while the direction wasn’t very good there were some fine scenic shots.  Director Anton Corbijn should stick to photography.  A half star for the visuals.  That’s it.  One and a half.  Save your money.