(reviewed on September 25 and September 27, 2007)

Spamalot is why you go to Broadway musicals.  It is toe-tapping music with rememberable tunes and sharp intelligent lyrics.  It never takes itself seriously, and, in fact, could not, as there is nothing in it to take itself seriously about…

The star performer by far is Marin Mazzie as The Lady of the Lake.  A Broadway veteran for good reason, Ms. Mazzie has Tony nominations for “Kiss Me Kate,” “Ragtime,” and “Passion,” and an Olivier award nomination for “Kiss Me Kate.” She is a TV veteran as well:  “Without a Trace” and “Numb3rs” among many others.

Ms. Mazzie has an operatic quality voice and great versatility in both singing and acting.

Jonathan Hadary, as King Arthur, an actor for 39 years, is adequate and professional but no longer up to par as a singer.  While Ms. Mazzie empowers your ears, Mr. Hadary is decidedly weaker.

Nonetheless, all the actors seem always to be enjoying themselves on stage.  The only character who does not exude joy at being on the Schubert Theatre stage is the wooden rabbit. 

James Ludwig is notable as standby in the role of Sir Robin.

Did I mention the babes, another fine feature of the Broadway musical and certainly so in Spamalot.  Six scantily clad, nubile dancers cavort in their almost altogether displaying an almost indecent joy in showing their lovely, lively bodies off.

The players involve the audience at several points, once when the Holy Grail is discovered, and again at the end when they are invited to sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” along with the cast.  The confetti is cool, too.

If you have not yet seen this musical, which has been running since March 2005, do yourself a favor.  Go!