Safe House

I went to see this film because of Denzel Washington.  I like him as an actor and as a man.  He is generous;  he gave a million dollars to rescue Mt. Vernon basketball from the budget axe fairly recently. 

But why he made this movie I can’t say.  It is gratuitous in all the wrong ways.   Excessive, meaningless car chases and crashes, excessive shootings and killings.  None of it made much sense except to make the point that even federal agencies charged with public protection can be corrupted.  Big surprise.  Yes, believable that the CIA can have high ranking officials acting against the constitution and in their own interest.  Sure, I believe that.

But make a movie that dramatizes rather than trivializes that distasteful truth.

I went to see Safe House because of Denzel, knowing nothing about it.  I won’t do that again.  Next time he releases a movie, I will have to know more about it before plunking down the price of a ticket.

I considered it a bonus when I realized that Vera Farmiga was one of the co-stars. But again I was disappointed. Vera played a great off-beauty love interest opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air, and that was a role for her.  Playing a ranking CIA operative in Safe House is not a role for her.

No redeeming qualities in this crappy movie.  Give your nine bucks to a homeless guy in the street and you will feel better than if you sit through Safe House.