Metropolitan Opera

April 24, 2013

This is a new production of Rigoletto with Lisette Oropesa in the role of Gilda, Vittorio Grigolo who brings a great level of energy to his portrayal of the duke, and George Gagnidze in the title role.

As we all know, of course, Rigoletto serves the Duke, who is a ladies man, and contracts to have the duke killed when he defiles Rigoletto’s daughter, only to have the revenge scheme backfire with his daughter Gilda’s, death.

Well, we expect such shenanigans from opera and ballet.  Thin stories of massive betrayal, murder and mayhem.

This new production is set in Las Vegas rather than a duke’s palace in Italy.  The sets are fabulous.  Act I opens in a casino which will knock your socks off.  Nothing like the staid scene one expects from opera, most especially at the Met;  this set is smoking!  Neon lights, red lights, blue lights, a very effective elevator unit which gives the illusion of travel with a line of vertical lights.  No spectacular performances, but of course there are no bad singers in the Met.  Ms. Oropesa as Gilda hits the highs very cleanly indeed.

Again, in Act III the production leaves the conservative mode while being true to the Las Vegas setting with the introduction of  a pole dancer.  What a surprise that was!  The audience laughed heartily in appreciation of this departure from form.  Always a good show at the Met and this one certainly was. 

Whether it is worth the $187.50 balcony seat you will have to decide for yourself.