Rescue Dawn

This movie is the true story of Dieter Dengler, a German born United States serviceman who is shot down over Laos in the early days of the Viernam War.  It is well-made with a heroic story about a personable guy–Dengler–but not for the average movie-goer.

It is true to life and the story is real, but is a unidimensional account of one heroic event.  Sure Dengler is to be admired, but so are many others.  There is little about this that makes him unique not in the sense of his accomplishment for which we applaud him, but as it translates to the screen.

Steve McQueen has this genre locked.  “Papillon” is the classic and McQueen’s “The Great Escape” is good, too, although only the former is based on actual events.

So if you like this kind of story, go see it.  It is well done. But, as we say, not for everyone.