July 21, 2013

Director Dean Parisot gets the best from a cast that almost anyone could get the best from.  World class actors Bruce Willis, John Malkovitch, Mary louise Parker, Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins do what they do and take us for the ride we hoped for when we plunked down our money.  Kind of a comic book action comedy which made us laugh and gasp at the same time as cars flew through the air and high powered, high capacity, high velocity magazines were emptied in the direction of our heroes.  No matter.  There was no real danger.  Plot here is superfluous.  Terrorists obtain a nuclear weapon which must be recovered in order to save a fairly sizable chunk of the civilized world as we know it, while crazy Anthony Hopkins, acting suspiciously like Hannibal Lecter, is in it for the money and the pathos and the evil and whatever else motivates the madman persona.

A good shoot-em-up for fans of Bruce Willis, of which I am one, Mary Louise Parker, one of our finest actresses, and John Malkovitch, also a credit to his profession.  And it didn’t disappoint.  If you like special effects, chases, machine guns, switching loyalties and the like, RED 2 is worth the price of admission.  If you crave plot development and gravitas you will really hate this movie.