Pursuit of Happyness

Stars Will Smith.

An uplifting movie based on a true story.   Here is this ambitious, outgoing young man selling an overpriced piece of medical equipment which he has purchased as an owner/salesman.  Well, it ain’t an easy sale.  He has to sell his inventory and he eventually does, but is functioning so marginally that he has to move out of his apartment.  He loses his wife who has had enough of poverty and no longer believes in his ability to achieve success.  He is as loving a  husband as he can be, and surely a dedicated father.  Daddy Chris and son Christopher Gardner are briefly homeless, but they stay strong and Chris busts his butt and sticks to his work until he achieves success.

The trouble with watching the movie is that it is so painful watching Chris and Christopher go through so much tribulation that the payoff may not be worth it.   Not in the class of three star movies, but a bit better than two and a half.  You may enjoy it.  Not a great movie, but a great story.