Psycho Therapy

This classy off-Broadway play with the unusual two word title has been called “couples therapy for three.”

Lily’s serious relationship guy doesn’t show up for their first couples therapy session, but Dorian does.  Dorian is the hot ex who rings Lily‘s chimes like Philip never could.  At the second session, Philip does show, and he and Dorian dance around with Lily and nutty therapist Nancy Winston played by Jan Leslie Harding.  Dr. Winston has a weakness for chocolate like so many other women, but she gets caught digging in her trash for the chocolate she has discarded.

We believe that she is a competent therapist even though she is whacky in her own right.  Indeed, well-known radio shrink and future Environmentally Sound guest Dr. Joy Browne who hosted a talkback after the play, said that in all her years she has met two types of therapists:  those who are serious and conservative and those who are crazy for cocoa puffs.  I concur, for I have met many as well.  Some you would trust your psyche to, others you can’t imagine sharing even one confidence, let alone a secret.

The acting was good, the premise and action farcical and entertaining if you don’t take it too seriously.  Sure, there are all kinds of truth is stranger than fiction scenarios, but this one gets away from what can be considered likely.

Still, we enjoyed it.

In addition to the presence of Joy Browne, playwright Frank Strausser was in the audience for a chat.

So does Lily wind up with Philip, the serious guy or Dorian, the rich, sexy, irresponsible guy?  You know I can’t tell you that.  If you must know, get down to the Cherry lane theatre in the West Village by Saturday.  It will be all over on Sunday.