Pirate Radio

This film posits a scenario around the phenomenon of pirate radio ships operating off the coast of England in the 60’s.  When English bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Who were the biggest thing in music all over the world, the stodgy BBC wasn’t playing it.  Well, music is not about to be denied and where there is a market, it will be filled one way or another.  By 1968 there were 21 pirate radio stations many, if not most, broadcasting from offshore waters.  It is estimated that the audience was 10-15 million.  Most programming was pop music.  The BBC quickly adapted and in just a few years the Beatles were alive and well on the BBC. 

This movie takes place during pirate radio’s genesis and heyday and is made up of whole cloth;  entirely fictional.  Doubtful that any such drama as portrayed here actually occurred.  These stations got pushed out by legal competition.  The producers might have made it a little more musical.  Not a great film, but sit-throughable.