April 20, 2012

If you love English humor, full of puns;  Monty Python, Spamalot, that sort of thing, then run to see this quasi-musical.

Not the kind of musical you think of when you think Broadway Musical. Not so many songs, really, although the orchestra did the music justice – and the sound effects as well.

This is a pre-story of the Peter Pan fantasy.  It is a creation of how Peter Pan came into being and how Captain Hook lost his right hand and how Smee then replaced it with himself, becoming Hook’s right-hand man.  Still with me?

Some of the puns, for your edification are:  You’ve made your bed, Pan;  Mt. Jalapeno, the world’s hottest volcano;  No man is an archipelago;  Norwegian code-speak, yes, NORSE CODE;  

If you want to know why an empty trunk is clean as the sheets in a convent or what mollusks have to do with antipasto and manicotti, then this is the play for you.

It is a mishmosh of puns, so in the spirit of the play, this review is a pan.

See, I even caught the bug.

Again, if you like Monty Python sort of humor, you will probably like this.  If you like more traditional Broadway musicals you probably won’t.

It is In the vein of Spamalot, but Spamalot was a lot better.  Oi vey.