WBT  8/16/13

As usual, choreography prevails in WBT productions.  They have the large stage, and bless their little souls, they know how to use it.  They know this which explains their emphasis on great dancers even when the acting and singing are not quite up to par.

In this production, as is often the case, there is one standout performance which elevates a production above the ordinary and makes the evening worthwhile.  That performance is delivered here by John Anthony Lopez as Fagin.  Mr. Lopez breathes life into Fagin, a rogue, but one you can appreciate for his sparkling personality.

Brandon Singel carries off the Oliver Twist rôle with abilities which belie his 11 or 12 years.  He starts the 6th grade in September.  Quite a feat for Brandon.  Some voice coaching will go far with this young man if he decides to pursue acting as a career.

Highlighting John and Brandon in no way detracts from some fine performances by virtually the entire cast.  If there was a weakness I didn’t see it.  Choreography, as mentioned previously, is great, the lighting program is well done and the sets are better than average for this house.  The usual comments about the sound system at WBT could be repeated yet again, but not going to do it.  Maybe someday they will upgrade.  Until then, even if I miss some of the dialog and lyrics, I enjoy the venue, the shows and the dinners.  A great evening out in Elmsford, right up the road from our studios.