Moonrise Kingdom

Some very well-known actors appear in Moonrise Kingdom.  Bruce Willis - but this is not a Bruce Willis movie.  Edward Norton - but this is not an Edward norton movie.  Harvey Keitel - but, you guessed it, not a Harvey Keitel movie.

Willis is not a gutsy cop who risks his life at every turn;  Norton is not a smart. devious conman and Keitel is in no way ominous.  No stereotypes here.

So it is not action, drama or adult romance.  It is not adolescents coming of age.  It is kind of a puberty coming of age story, if that is a genre at all.

I'll just call it a fantasy. 

You have these two twelve - thirteen year oldish pre adolescents, one boy and one girl, who are misfits in their circumstances so they escape from the artificial world in which they live to create one of their own.  They even get married with the help of a man with marrying credentials, but of course they don;t really understand marriage, just togetherness.  If they were two boys or two girls they wouldn’t be getting married, but would just hang out.  In the way of friends, which these two really are.

So they get away and the adults are all concerned and there really isn't much message other than the one we have seen many times:  People with troubled lives are just in the wrong circumstance and if they can change to other circumstances they will be happy as larks.  If only.

So if you like puberty coming of age tales (if there are any) then you will find some charm in this movie.  If you want to be uplifted without having to suspend belief in too many ways, then probably not.  I mean when someone is struck by lightning he doesn't just get up with soot on his face and go about his business.  Fantasy land.

Besides, I like Bruce Willis as a cop or hero.  Sure he is versatile, but if you aren't Brando who could do everything with equal skill and be known for no one style, then why not be what people love you for.  Bruce is a good actor, but his natural personality shines when it is infused with humor as well as guts.  How he got cast in this film, and why he accepted it someone will have to tell me.  I just don't know.

The person who saw this film with me enjoyed the charm and quirkiness.  Yes, that was there, but when you are paying 10 Bux + for a movie ticket you have to choose carefully.