Live Free or Die Hard

If you are a Bruce Willis fan, you will love this latest version of the Die Hard series. 

Willis, and his protagonists, are killed many times in this film, but they don’t seem to die.  The formula is as always:  NYPD Detective John McLane is fighting super bad guys and his newly nubile, still spunky daughter is taken hostage. 

Willis and an accidental lawbreaker, who is really a capable and decent guy, have to stop the bad guys—and gals.  The chief bad guy is credibly played by Timothy Oliphant, who credibly played a good guy in the HBO series “Deadwood.”  He wants the usual combination of money and vindication—no surprises in the formula.  But the chases, the fights, the shootings, the central casting villains, do entertain if you like this kind of fare. 

If the genre is not for you, this film does not surpass it, so don’t bother.  But if you like a good Bruce Willis action flic, as do I, you will cheer the fireworks and rock ‘em sock ‘em action.  I enjoyed it, but then, as we say, this is just my opinion.