Law Abiding Citizen

Whether you root for the good guy or the bad guy you will like this film.

In fact if you can tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, please email me.  It brings me to mind of Richard Kimble, The Fugitive, an innocent man who gets a bad shake and has to set things right.  Perhaps more apt is a comparison to Charles Bronson’s Death Wish series.  Truth be told Law Abiding Citizen isn’t like either of those, really.  This is a story about a man who only wants justice after his family is killed, as with those other two, but he goes about it in a much more dramatic, seemingly metaphysical, way and of course clearly has gone mad as it unfolds.

Very enjoyable though.  If you think that justice should only be portrayed as clean and fair and noble and that innocent people should never get hurt, then you will cringe at this film.  But if you think that the pursuit of justice can get very messy and that those who survive can learn moral lessons even from madmen, then you will enjoy this film.  As I did.