Kiss Me Kate

WBT - Sept 19, 2013

This is the well-known play within a play inclusive of the Shakespeare comedy “The Taming of the Shrew,” which was written by Bella and Sam Spewack with songs by Cole Porter,

Very well done by WBT.  Choreography as always was great;  I especially enjoyed the “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” number performed by gangsters Number 1 & 2, excellently performed by Broadway veterans Michael Farina, and Michael Kubala.

In fact there are seven actors in this production who have played Broadway.

A little slow at first, but it picked up quickly and remained lively throughout.  Baritone William Michals was terrific in the dual leads of Fred and Petruchio.  Christianne Tisdale, the female lead as Lilli and Katharine is as talented as her numerous Broadway appearances imply.  Both have great, well-trained and disciplined voices, and both deliver their lines with great personality and panache.  Ms. Tisdale’s performance of “I Hate Men” was spot on.

Among the dancers I especially liked Christopher Fishburne as Paul.

As always, I recommend the WBT to you.  The productions are almost always quite good, certainly in the case of “Kiss Me Kate” that is true. 

Value and convenience are definite reasons to check out this local treasure as well.

Go to Broadway once in a while and see great productions, to be sure, but for less than half the cost of dinner, show and parking, you will be treated to solid theatre at WBT.

With way less hassle.