I Think I Love My Wife,


This Chris Rock movie takes you on a trip to I don’t know where.  I had a sense I was going somewhere but never got there.  The story is based on Eric Rohmer’s 1972 film Chloe in the Afternoon.  But the similarity is only of plot.  What was a literate, erotic tale on many levels becomes a comic book version where the eroticism comes mainly from the inherent sexuality of actress Kerry Washington. 

Chris Rock is no director.  The movie is flat.  He is not yet an actor, but he is so immensely talented that he could become one if he figures out what that means.  What Chris Rock is, is one of the cleverest, most relaxed stand-up comics working today.  He is so creative and so funny, that I was surprised to see his imprimatur on this un-dimensional movie.  Two stars if you have nothing else to do.  If you want to spend 20 bucks on your date go bowling.