July 2008;  starring Will Smith

Will Smith has super powers but no training in how to use them.  He saves lives but leaves messes in their place and so much ancillary damage that it almost isn’t worth it.  Except to Ray, a struggling PR man whose life he saves.  Ray is in bad need of a break, and when the raging crowd howls their contempt at Hancock, Ray stands up and defends him.  After all, even though his car is wrecked and the choo-choo is derailed, he is still alive. 

So he has Hancock’s ear and persuades him that he needs an image makeover.

Well, you can understand that it is hard for an invincible, immortal man off whom bullets bounce, to take the temporal dictates of this particular society seriously and stop boozing and get civilized just because these non-invincible, non-immortal humans want him to.  They are accustomed to civilized superheroes like Batman and Superman and Captain Marvel.  Even Spidey is polite and humble, neither of which is Hancock, and i have never, ever seen Batman take a drink.  Anyway, Hancock does try and then his life gets complicated.  I won’t tell you how, but it is a believable device–that is in the context of buying a superhero premise–and everything changes.

Not particularly well-done, but Smith’s personal charm works as it did not in the abysmal “I Am Legend.”

If there is nothing else you want to see, this is better than nothing timewise, although at over ten bucks a pop it probably isn’t worth the money.  **1/2.