June 14, 2007

This musical crackled! 

I especially liked that the actor/singers were also the musicians!  There was no pit orchestra, the players themselves alternating with various instruments.  Most, if not all, played multiple instruments:  violins, violas and basses;  trumpets, a trombone, clarinet, oboe and drum kit.  A piano as well, which several of the cast played, at least one quite well. 

The play looks at the life of one “Robert” or “Bobby” as they sometimes sing, presumably showing they are his true, intimate friends.  The others are all either married or committed, but not Bobby.  He has various affairs and seemingly flirts with each of his female friends notwithstanding their marital status.  He finally finds an idea he can commit to which signals, perhaps, his joining with society.  But the play does not really judge, and it certainly shows that the committed couples have their share of problems and who is to say who is better off? 

One interesting twist has a couple getting divorced and getting along much better with just that administrative detail taken care of.  They still live together, but now everything is fine.  Not a bad play;  good acting, good music, simple, adequate set.  If you like musical plays, this should be worth your while.