Celebrity Autobiography

This production is ongoing.  Even the website’s history page did not disclose how long it has been running, but producer Rick Newman told me it has been years.

Good enough.  It is performed in cabaret space called the Triad on 72nd Street in NYC between Columbus and Amsterdam Aves.  Details at celebrityautobiography.com.

Some fairly well known performers rotate in and out and read from other celebrities’ autobiographies.  A clever concept that accounts for the longevity of this show.  It is different each time - they play one Monday a month, the last I gather as that was the case this week when I attended.

Some of the better known celebs (of 144 by my count) who have performed and presumably do from time to time when they are in town and not otherwise occupied are:  Jerry Springer, Lainie Kazan, Matthew Broderick, Florence Henderson, John Goodman, Christie Brinkley, a bunch from SNL and of course Weird Al Yankovic.

This last week’s cast was a talented bunch including Kristen Johnston of Third Rock From the Sun fame.  She was lively, funny, sexy and beautiful.  An Amazon of a woman.  She was joined by eight others.  They all enjoyed poking fun at other celebrities including Momma Kardashian, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwartzeneger, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Ivanka Trump and others.

Highlights were Robert Wuhl’s portrayal of Arnold and a shoe magnate whose name I have forgotten.  Wuhl got into personal characterizations more over the top than the others.  Very funny. 

I was not particularly fond of the reading from Tiger Woods’s autobiography.  Naturally someone who loves anything as much as Tiger loves golf will speak of it in sensual terms, as does Tiger.  But I thought they went on a bit too long with the double entendres about stroking and caressing the shaft of golf clubs, but the audience apparently did not agree with me as they laughed as much through that reading as the others.  As I say, Everybody has the right to be wrong.

The show clearly has a following as many audience members appeared to be attending for the second third or tenth version of this very funny and clever show.

Celebrity Autobiography, The Triad club on 72nd Street.  Light fun, good cabaret.