Brooklyn’s Finest

I was attracted to this movie by the cast.  Wesley Snipes, Don Cheadle, Richard Gere, Vincent D’Onofrio, and the cop, action theme.  Unexpected bonuses, Ellen Barkin and Michael k. Williams of The Wire.  They all act tolerably well but there is no plot, and the slice of life does not work.  If you love lots of graphic violence and blood go see this flick.  But if you like a little story to go with it, forget it.  Two stars is generous and I may downgrade that by airtime.  No chance at all that I will upgrade it.  Brooklyn’s Finest.  Don’t bother.  Maybe it’s worth a buck or two from Netflix, but at movie house prices?  Hand the sawbuck to a homeless guy on the street.  It will be better spent.

Note:  if you see OC before the title and you are not hearing impaired, the open captioning – as opposed to closed captioning -  will be distracting.