September 4, 2013

The Picture House; Pelham

This is a commercially released film about the Orca, often called by the misnomer ‘killer whale.’  Killer whale is a title which grabs the interest of people, but it is actually a distortion of its original sobriquet:  whale killer.  The orca is a whale which sometimes hunts other whales which accounts for the name.  But the implication that they are vicious and random in their killing could not be farther from the truth. They hunt like all predators, especially like other top predators in their environment.  They are smart and can be trained and have never attacked anyone in the wild, while killing at least twenty while in captivity.

This film is critical of Seaworld and similar parks around the world.  Seaworld has always played down attacks by these magnificent animals and laid the blame on their trainers or some other scapegoat.  Fact is, and this is brought out clearly in the film, orca should not be displayed and made to perform in captivity.  They are at home in the ocean and should be left there.  But it is a billion dollar industry and if we know anything about our species, it is that we are greedy and cruel to our fellow earthly inhabitants. You may have to hunt for this film.  It was at the Picture House in Pelham last week, but not sure where it may be playing now.  Worth the look.