Balls of Fury

The redeeming feature of this movie is that it is unpretentious.  It could hardly be more air-headed if it tried, but at least it does not pretend to be what it is not:  a good picture.

The plot, and never have I used a word more loosely, is for two great rivals to win at a ping pong tournament.  Slapstick as can be and Christopher Walken, who really can act, was well-advised not to do anything of the sort in this movie.  And again I use the word loosely.

Walken clearly knew that this would be at the bottom of his resume if there at all, and played his role accordingly. 

Did I say that unpretentiousness was the only redeeming feature of this movie?  Not quite.  Maggie Q is Asian eye candy of order one, and she does, in fact, act.  Excusable for one who is not established in the acting profession so an earnest performance here can be understood as that of an actress striving to be noticed.  She certainly is.

If you are looking for a place to sleep without much disturbance, this flic will be worth your while.  Costs less than a hotel and movie bathrooms are usually cleaner than those in fleabags.

By the way, it was fourth at the box office this weekend.  Great trailer!  Rated PG for pretty grim.

Oh what the hell, I did get a couple of laughs out of it…