American Hustle

January, 2014

If you are male and have an ounce of red blood in your veins, you have to see this film if only to watch Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence strut through their paces.  Ms. Adams does a truly fine job and is truly beautiful and would be the movie's female star hands down...  If not for Jennifer Lawrence.  Ms. Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies, makes me struggle for words to describe her talent.  Okay, so let’s start with the easy part. She is drop dead gorgeous. But so are others.  Amy Adams comes close herself.  And Ms. Adams gives close to a great performance as well.

But Katniss – I mean Jennifer – uh, Rosalyn – I stutter when I try to call her name because she is all of those so perfectly that they are inseparable.  And the real Jennifer Lawrence is such an engaging and natural young woman when seen in interviews that it is hard to imagine such an ingenuous person having the ability to play guile so naturally that the order of things is shaken.

At twenty-three she has an Oscar for best actress and a list of awards that goes on and on.  And on.  62 wins and 65 nominations.  She is nominated for best supporting actress for this year’s Oscars as well, and is a good bet to win.  I don’t think she will play many support roles in the future.  Star player from here on out.

By the way, Christian Bale turns in a fine performance in this flic about a con man and an FBI agent and the two aforementioned ladies who are both his wives. 

FBI agent Richie DiMaso, played by Bradley Cooper, gets his hooks into Irving, played by Christian Bale, and won’t let go.  He wants glory and doesn’t care how he gets it.  It seems within his grasp, but just as Sisyphus couldn’t roll the stone over the hill and Tantalus could neither reach the grapes nor the water in eternal hunger and thirst, so is DiMaso’s destiny.  Not a bad film.  It moves quickly, but does hang together if you follow it.  Director David O. Russell does a bang up job.  The movie gets three stars.  The acting and directing get three and a half.  Jennifer Lawrence, on a scale of one to four, gets five.