WVOX AM 1460 is the flagship of Whitney Radio.  
The FM sister station is WVIP FM 93.5.
Both broadcast from New Rochelle, NY  10801.

WVOX celebrated 50 years on the air in September, 2009.

WVOX 1460 AM features local and regional information for residents of Westchester County’s Southern tier, Southern Connecticut, the north shore of Long Island Sound and the north Bronx.
WVOX 1460 AM has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal to be "America's great community radio station."  WVOX is the station for families, adults, decision-makers …where many different voices are heard in the land. We are, in fact, the last remaining independent voice of the Golden Apple.
William O’Shaughnessy, the owner of Whitney Radio, encourages independent programming which is reflected by the station’s great diversity.  Political discussion of all stripes can be heard.  Issues of local, national and international interest stand side by side 	
Features include regular news and weather, live network newscasts on the hour.
To read more about the station and to view our programming grid, please follow the link.  You can listen live at any time.
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