Good Morning Westchester, July 10, 2007 

ABT’s production of “Swan Lake,” set to a score by Peytr Illyich Tchaikovsky. 

Odette, danced beautifully by Diana Vishneva, is the beautiful princess who has been put under a spell by the wicked sorcerer Von Rothbart.  She must live as a swan until night when she can resume human form.  When she is spotted by the handsome Prince Siegfried during her transition, he realizes that he must marry her to break the spell.  Ah, but not so easy.  At a ball at the palace, the sorcerer transforms Odette into Odile, an equally compelling woman.  When Siegfred is very nearly seduced, Odette’s spell is strengthened and she must escape to the woods where she throws herself into the lake filled with her mother’s tears.  The prince dives in after her and the lovers are reunited in death. Only then is the spell broken.  When the sun rises with Siegfried and Odette rejoined you just gotta cry—no matter how much of a he-man you are.    OK, that is the story.  The sets are magnificent, the costumes lovely and the dancing superb.

If you are not a ballet person, you are missing sublime experience and you should  catch one of ABT’s productions whenever you can.

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Consider professional sports.  Hockey—even football–are balletic.  Michael Jordan was perhaps the greatest ballet dancer ever to play professional sports.  His leaps were as grand as Rudolf Nureyev’s and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s.  In his context of course.