2 Guns

Among the actors I really enjoy watching is Denzel Washington from right down the road apiece in Mt. Vernon.  Denzel walks the walk as far as community consciousness is concerned, and I like the way he acts. 

Here he teams up with Mark Wahlberg who keeps pace in this buddy, lawman, military caper played as much for effects as for story.  As with all fantasies of this nature, no one could possibly survive all the dangers these two and their buddies must face, but thank goodness it is Hollywood and not the real world. 

I enjoy these things, which speaks more for my escapist needs than for any kind of quality filmmaking.  As with so many other flicks, if you like to just see good guys pounding it out and bad guys getting smoked, then take a shot on this film.  There are some twists to keep you interested, but, after all, it is empty calories.